22 Simple One Minute Exercises You Can Do Once A Day To Effectively Re-Program and Relieve Emotional and Physical Stress
Uncover Your Inner Diamond
Empower yourself with these everyday tools personally developed by the world leading
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22 Simple One-minute Exercises

So often we try to live stress free life by meditating, breathing, thinking happy thoughts but as soon as things get tricky and stress kicks in, we fall back to our old habits and it leaves us with a feeling of failure. With these immediately applicable 22 exercises you’ll be able to relieve stress. They are easy to follow and don’t need any preparation from you.

High Quality Video Trainings

We are providing you the best quality, so that you can really feel that the trainer of this course is right there in your living room. Imagine how much you could grow if every single day you go through a guided process of reducing stress from your life.

Daily Support

You’ll receive an email for 22 days to remind you and inspire you to go and watch your daily training video. Imagine how would your mornings look like if instead of getting worried and anxious about the day, you’d watch personal coaching video full of practical advice…

Fast-track Program

We are all busy and don't always have time to do some in-depth processes to relieve our stress. These exercises don't need any serious time commitment from you. You just need a few minutes a day to create awareness, uncover and release the tension sources in your body.

Unlimited Lifetime Access

You’ll receive life-time access to these 22 powerful training videos, so that you can watch them whenever you feel like. These tools will serve you for a life-time. You can go through this program with your own pace and intensity.

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About This Program
Nita Jain
Every Day a Negative Layer is Peeled Off

“I am really grateful for receiving these daily diamonds!
Every day a negative layer is peeled off! I think I am feeling lighter as well having finally got off a lot of stuff off my chest! Thank you so much!”

Dawie Steyn
Now I'm Afraid of Nothing

“Now I’m afraid of NOTHING. Life is perfect as it is in every moment. My Soul is growing in awareness all the time. I’m going with LIFE flow.”

Darlene Joy
Diamonds Bring Me Positive Energy

“My daily diamond is the first email I open as I know it is going to bring positive energyand a calmer mind to anything I do after that :) Today’s really helped me feel less judgmental of myself - thank you xx”

Anke Be
It Has a Power of Healing

“Actually this Diamond has been with me for a couple of weeks and it is still growing inside of me. It feels so good to feel the Power of healing - every single day!”

Julie Jules Richardson
Full of Inspiration

“Thank you for the wonderful daily diamonds that inspire us all.”

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We're committed to offering high value materials that serve the highest and the best of every participant and if you feel that we didn't deliver on that commitment, we'll send you a complete refund, no questions asked.  

Uncover Your Inner

22 daily immediately applicable exercises to instantly relieve stress
22 high quality video trainings
Online journal to keep on track of your progress
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100% Money Back 30-Day Guarantee
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